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SCMP: MioTech Q2 ESG Ranking Reveals Taiwan-listed Companies Outperform in ESG Disclosures

MioTech ESG Team2021-07-14

MioTech ESG Team2021-07-14

On Jul.1st, MioTech released its 2021 Q2 ESG ratings and rankings for listed companies in the Greater China region. The results have been covered by South China Morning Post (SCMP), which show that Taiwan-listed companies have outperformed their Hong Kong and mainland China peers in ESG performance.

Linked to the original article by SCMP: Taiwan-listed companies outshine Hong Kong, mainland China peers on ESG disclosures, MioTech data shows | South China Morning Post (scmp.com)

Some highlights of the report on SCMP are as follows:

Taiwan companies are top ESG performers, though Hong Kong and Mainland China companies have made significant progress due to increasingly stricter regulatory requirements.

The reason behind the ranking is that Taiwan firms continue to be diligent in reporting their ESG efforts against stricter international standards like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Due to their high voluntary disclosure levels, Taiwan companies outshine its Greater China region counterparts in ESG ratings, accounting for 24 in the top 25. MioTech has noted that data obtained from Taiwan-listed top 10 performers are on average 30% to 50% more than Hong Kong-listed top 10.  According to MioTech's rating methodology, it rewards the amount of disclosures with positive scorings. 

Meanwhile, with rising investor expectations and tighter regulatory mandates, ESG scores from Hong Kong and China Mainland companies are on an upward trend. In 2019, mainland China saw a 21 percent rise in the collective volume of its listed companies’ ESG data disclosure compared to 2018 while Hong Kong saw a 56% increase.

MioTech’s CEO Jason Tu told SCMP, “The rise of ESG signifies a paradigm shift of social value from gross domestic product-centric to sustainable development, and it will have significant long-term implications for financial valuations,As the world starts to get mobilised post-pandemic and new regulations start to rein in, companies in Greater China should embrace ESG as early as possible to better collaborate and compete with global peers.”

MioTech is a leading ESG data and solutions provider, covering over 1,000,000 public and private companies including all listed companies in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and ADRs in the US. Its investors include Moody's, HSBC, Horizons Ventures, and Zhen Fund.

MioTech's ESG ratings are updated in realtime, and its ESG performance rankings are published on a quarterly basis.

Check out our full ranking for the top 25 listed companies below:

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