Sustainability for Good

A Better and Sustainable Future built together.
Engage all stakeholders to promote green practices.

Engage Stakeholders and Plant Eco-consciousness

Encourage businesses to embrace and act on sustainability for a better future


Corporate Involvement


A Flexible Eco-Engagement Tool

To advance corporates’ Net-Zero commitment and goals, MioTech provides solutions as a cornerstone of employee engagement to embrace and optimize their ESG practices.


Consumer Engagement


All-in-one Green Marketing Solution

MioTech blends sustainable marketing, product development, and consulting in one unique platform, widely used in consumer services.


Public Empowerment


An Online Carbon Inclusive Platform

Connect corporates, organizations, and influencers to heighten awareness in sustainability.

MioTech Leads the Way Forward in Green Practices

Act Local, Impact Global: Every action counts and together for a greener and cleaner future!

mio app, as carbon inclusive and public participation exemplar, has been featured in ‘2022 Business Climate Action’

2022 Business Climate Action Cases released by Center of Environmental Education and Communications of Ministry of Ecology and Environment and presented at the UN COP27.


UN COP28: Co-authored ‘2023 White Paper on Carbon lnclusion Development’

2023 White Paper on Carbon Inclusion Development, co-authored by MioTech, has been released on COP28 UAE - United Nations Climate Change Conference, where mio app and MioTech’s corporate solution for carbon reduction have been featured.


Co-edited the first group standard on individual carbon reduction incentive

Management specification for individual carbon emission reduction incentive based on internet platform, authored by China Energy Conservation Association (CECA) and co-edited by MioTech has been officially implemented in 2022.

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