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2021-07-23 新浪财经
2021-07-23 新浪财经
2021中国社会责任投资峰会: 数据是ESG投资基础设施
2021-07-17 新浪财经
妙盈科技涂鉴彧谈2021年公司收入来源:金融机构占80% 企业占20%
2021-02-08 国务院国有资产监督管理委员会
2021-01-19 KPMG
MioTech Makes KPMG's 2020 China Leading Fintech 50
2021-01-18 Private Banker
HSBC ups sustainability game with investment in MioTech
2020-12-25 第一财经
2020-12-24 第一财经
2020-12-23 第一财经
2020-12-22 招商定量任瞳团队
2020-12-22 第一财经
2020-12-14 CGTN
Can the private sector achieve net-zero emissions by 2050?
2020-11-16 香港明报
ESG關注度增 妙盈迎「爆發式增長」
2020-11-16 HK01
李嘉誠入股│ESG界「彭博機」 提供財報以外數據 有無歧視都查到
2020-11-09 36氪
2020-11-08 PR Newswire
TOM Group to Invest in ESG technology platform MioTech
2020-11-05 Nikkei Asian Review
Moody's takes stake in Hong Kong fintech startup MioTech
2020-08-05 界面新闻
2020-06-02 亿欧网
2020-02-19 Hive Life
MioTech: The Asian FinTech Company Built on AI, Sustainability and Friendship
2020-01-29 Wealth & Society
MioTech’s Tu: Our technology enables real-time ESG data for China
2020-01-20 Finance Asia
Li Ka-shing-backed MioTech rides ESG wave in China
2020-01-06 36KR
2020-01-05 Asian Nikkei Review
Li Ka-shing leads funding round for Hong Kong Fintech Startup
2020-01-05 Asian Private Banker
MioTech pushes the pedal on expansion after Series A+ funding
2019-12-09 Economist
Green intelligence: Asia’s ESG investing, data integrity and technology
2019-11-24 机器之能
2019-09-11 TechNode动点科技
2019-09-10 DigFin
ESG now a third of MioTech’s A.I. business
2019-09-08 36KR
2019-08-28 EfinancialCareers
The man who helped to automate Citi has resurfaced at a Hong Kong startup
2019-08-23 Asian Private Banker
MioTech "revolutionises PB workflow" via AI-powered U/HNWI database
2019-08-20 Forbes
Artificial Intelligence Beyond The Buzzword From Two Fintech CEOs
2019-07-11 CCTV
2019-05-31 DigFin
Asia’s A.I. startups making buy-side inroads
2019-04-28 Technode
2019-04-15 DigFin
A.I. deployment risks outstripping controls
2019-04-02 Whub
Hong Kong FinTech Ecosystem Whitepaper - Big Data Startups in Hong Kong
2019-03-18 fintechnews.hk
TOP 20 FinTech Startups in Hong Kong
2019-02-20 DigFin
Private clients: big assets. Big data?
2019-02-19 Nikkei Asian Review
Young Chinese workers aren't like their elders
2019-02-17 Finance Asia
MioTech Founders: Why B2B holds up better in weak markets
2019-02-11 Asian Private Banker
4th Asian Private Banker Technology Awards: Most Innovative Solution & Most Promising FinTech Startup
2018-12-28 凤凰网
2018-10-29 Bloomberg
Bloomberg x MioTech: Hong Kong Still Has Unique Role in Asia
2018-09-28 Technode
AI finance startup MioTech wants to squeeze investment insights from data
2018-09-24 South China Morning Post
Li Ka-shing-backed fintech company embraces market downturn as ‘good timing’
2018-09-20 Asian Private Banker
MioTech leverages AI, launches "virtual data scientist"
2018-09-19 Yahoo Finance
MioTech Launches Market Intelligence Platform AMI at Google Demo Day Asia.
2018-09-19 腾讯财经
妙盈科技登上首次亚洲Google Demo Day舞台,发布最新人工智能产品AMI
2018-09-15 HKIBC
All About Money: AI is not only a disrupter, but also an enabler.
2018-08-25 iMoney智富雜誌
2018-08-16 Google In Asia
Announcing the 10 startups that will take the stage at Demo Day Asia
2018-07-19 Forbes
Hong Kong's Rising Startup Scene: 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs Weigh In
2018-05-03 香港經濟日報
金融科企專攻資產管理 AI分析趨勢
2018-03-26 Forbes
MioTech’s Co-Founders on Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2018 list
2017-11-16 香港經濟日報
初創AI秘技 整合海量數據拓藍海
2017-10-14 South China Morning Post
Li Ka-shing shows strong backing for Hong Kong’s fintech sector with MioTech funding
2017-08-03 China Daily
Talents, funding hold key to winning the race
2017-02-07 36Kr