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MioTech is Now a Software Partner of GRI


MioTech is thrilled to announce its new certification as a Software and Tools Partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) with its flagship sustainability software ESGhub.


ESGhub is an All-in-One ESG platform that links businesses with their suppliers, subsidiaries and investors. It encompasses modules such as corporate ESG, carbon management, ESG for supply chain, and ESG for portfolios, and features valuable tools like climate scenario analysis and industry benchmarking.

As a certified software, ESGhub can help users effortlessly collect and manage the metrics data covered by the GRI Standards, and generate sustainability reports fully aligned with the latest GRI Standards.


🟩MioTech ESGhub

In ESGhub, users can auto-verify their input to detect errors and outliers when matched to the GRI Standards to ensure data quality. The integrated GRI content index in ESGhub serves as a dynamic checklist to visualize and streamline reporting progress.

Available in English, Chinese and Korean, ESGhub will expand its footprint in key APAC markets through this partnership, reinforcing MioTech's position as Asia's leading sustainability technology and services provider.