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Climate change poses a significant and urgent challenge for our planet. The effects of global warming are becoming increasingly evident, with abnormal weather patterns, more severe natural disasters, rising sea levels, and melting glaciers. These changes have far-reaching consequences, impacting agriculture, water resources, ecosystems, human health, and economies worldwide. It is crucial for us to address climate change proactively and work towards sustainable solutions to mitigate its impacts.

Financial institutions are faced with the imperative to identify, assess, and manage climate risks. MioTech's advanced tools for carbon and climate risk assessment, along with comprehensive datasets facilitate our clients to proactively identify and evaluate potential climate risks. This enables them to optimise their investment strategies, mitigate risk exposure, and expedite their transition towards a net-zero future. Embracing such analysis is crucial for addressing climate risks and fostering sustainable financial decision-making.

Climate risks

Climate Risk Assessment Dataset

Support financial institutions in their industry research, stock selection strategies, thematic product development, and compliance disclosures with the support of our advanced climate risk analysis tools.

Assess and analyze climate risk associated with investment targets and portfolios.


Implied Temperature Rise Assessment

Combine disclosed corporate data with MioTech's carbon estimation database and analyze investment targets in accordance to the Paris Agreement.

Insightful benchmarks to help clients optimize their investment portfolios and accelerate their path towards net-zero transition.


Carbon Estimation

Carbon Estimation Models

Utilize industry-leading carbon accounting methods and advanced AI algorithms to assess carbon footprints of investment targets.

Evaluate investment targets' climate performances for financial institutions through comprehensive analysis of disclosed data.


Carbon Estimation Datasets

A-shares, H-shares, Taiwan listed companies, US ADR, etc. are all covered by MioTech's carbon footprint estimation model, providing financial institutions support for industry research.


Portfolio Carbon Footprint

Calculate carbon-related indicators for investment and loan portfolios, including total carbon emissions, carbon intensity, carbon footprint, and other related indicators.

Identify carbon exposure risks and optimize decision making in climate accounted investments.

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