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The Green Leap: How the Energy Transition is Transforming China's Economy

Sharmaine Oh Rui Wen, Trang Chu Minh, Fay Wu, Jiaye Pan2022-11-25

The Green Leap

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China’s goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2060 is accelerating the transformation of its economic activity and energy mix, signalling a major shift in how energy in the country is supplied and consumed.

How extensive has the transformation been?

The MioTech research team and the GIC China investment groups came together to co-author the report "Green Leap Forward – How the Energy Transition is Transforming China’s Economy". The data referenced throughout the article is based on MioTech research and other external sources as indicated in the charts. This report takes a deep dive into how the green agenda is shaping China’s economy:

  • The first section covers innovations across China’s electric grid and how the transition towards renewables is accelerating.
  • The second section looks at the country’s energy demand innovations and how its industries and buildings sector are adapting.
  • The third section introduces how GIC is investing in China’s low-carbon transition.

A high-level summary of this report is available on GIC ThinkSpace, accessible via: The Green Leap - How the Energy Transition is Transforming China's Economy | GIC ThinkSpace

The full report can be accessed via the "Download Report" button at the top of this webpage.