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MioTech's Latest Offering: WealthLink

MioTech Team2019-09-09

Introducing our latest offering, WealthLink. Find out more about our platform that provides in-depth data intelligence into high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) globally.

What is WealthLink?

MioTech’s WealthLink solution provides in-depth data intelligence into high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) globally. With 65 million individual profiles, including a comprehensive list of HNWIs, our platform gives clients access to detailed personal profile information, discovers connections and identifies relationship paths for prospecting and cross-selling. Create monitor lists and customised alerts on wealth changes, risk exposures and news.

Our vision for WealthLink is to become the most comprehensive and useful database of HNWIs in Greater China and Asia.

MioTech’s WealthLink Profile Page on Xiaomi’s Chairman, Lei Jun


Why did MioTech decided to create this product?

From talking with our clients and prospects, we understand there is a strong need in the market for a complete and dynamic source of HNWI data for Greater China and Asia.

How comprehensive is WealthLink’s database on individuals, especially HNWI?

MioTech’s HNWI dataset is built on top of a much larger knowledge graph database consisting of more than 200 million companies and 65 million individuals. Anyone that meets the US$1 million asset threshold is included in our HNWI dataset. We estimate people’s net worth from their public and private company holdings, other assets and cash.

How does WealthLink tap on AI (Knowledge graph) to help support better prospecting?

The core problem that Wealthlink solves is to not only help account managers find new prospects, but also equip them with artificial intelligence and knowledge mapping to create a new KYC process.  Through more accurate and comprehensive data, account managers can gather deeper insights into customer needs and behavior data to provide clients with more accurate asset allocation advice and investment plans.

MioTech identifies Jun Lei’s key connections to people and companies for better prospecting

Most of the current solutions on HWNI in the market are traditionally static and involve a lot of manual collection. For MioTech’s WealthLink, we adopt the latest in artificial intelligence, which includes Named Entity Recognition (NER) for the Asian market, as well as topic models and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies for topic extraction specially designed for the financial field. All information of high-net-worth individuals can be integrated online, making all monitored changes in wealth traceable and accurately identifies the needs of customers. In addition, WealthLink, which utilizes knowledge mapping, helps account managers find more potential customers by mining multiple hidden associations between companies among high-net-worth individuals.

Harnessing AI technology, WealthLink's data is updated at a higher frequency and over a wider range. At present,WealthLink has full coverage of all the Chinese A-share listed companies and related companies. This includes all companies on the main board, the newly established Star Board, new IPOs, new unicorns etc. and other companies related personnel. All of this is listed within WealthLink for a clearer overview of changes in their asset class, wealth as well as changes in cash which greatly reduces the cost and boosts efficiency of customer acquisition for financial institutions.

What does WealthLink monitor?

WealthLink monitors online news and narratives to track wealth changes in high-net-worth individuals which is just one aspect of what we can monitor.

According to data from WealthLink, the source of wealth of high-net-worth individuals associated with Chinese A-share companies is mainly asset-based wealth, including changes in equity of listed companies/non-listed companies, as well as cash wealth, including compensation and cash dividends. 

Lei Jun’s Estimated Total Cash with Monitored Transactions

For changes in asset-based wealth, WealthLink extracts the data in earnings reports, based on the number of shares held directly or indirectly by high-net-worth individual and the relevant market value of the stock. With regards to wealth changes in the cash category, WealthLink pays close attention to the increase/decrease in stocks and equity dividends of high-net-worth individuals.

Whether it be an IPO, new financing or other financial changes in relation to a said entity, WealthLink will be constantly keeping a close eye on the changes in wealth of high-net-worth individuals.

Compared to other players in the market, how is WealthLink different?

There are three key differentiators for WealthLink:

i) Width and depth of coverage. Since we built the HNWI dataset on top MioTech’s vast knowledge graph database, the coverage of wealthy individuals is orders of magnitude larger compared to other vendors. For each person in the dataset, we source data from hundreds of sources, building a full and dynamic profile of the individual.

MioTech identifies relationship paths to prospecting opportunities through Knowledge Graph

ii) Relationships and commonalities. Building a wealth profile for hundreds of thousands of individuals is only the first step, thanks to MioTech’s knowledge graph, we can map their relationship connections to their family, companies, friends and colleagues. This enables users to identify potential relationship paths to a wealth person or commonalities shared.

iii) Timeliness of data. By leveraging AI technologies, MioTech ensures key events are updated in the dataset in real time, e.g. IPOs, late-stage funding of private companies, share sells by insiders, dividends pay-outs and compensations, important news and social media posts.

What's in store for WealthLink?

In the near-term, we are adding more data and features to our core Greater China dataset, including much more data on private company valuations from secondary markets, news and social media sources, etc. In Q4 2019, we will start looking expand our coverage to Southeast Asia and beyond. We will expand our data coverage to include relevant companies in Southeast Asia based on current A-share listed companies and related companies. It is our goal that WealthLink’s database will continue to grow even more comprehensive, so that WealthLink can better serve financial institutions across Asia.

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