Next-generation Financial Products

International regulators and financial institutions recognize that ESG factors impact financial risk.

At MioTech, we use a data-driven approach in ESG, climate, and financial risk evaluation to help build future-ready financial products.

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Index Services
Banking Services
We provide
Index Services
ESG & climate indices
Methodologies designed for transparency, investability, predictability
Custom indexes
Bespoke development based on tailored ESG and climate risk appetite or strategy
Index Calculation and Administration
Analyzing corporate actions that impact index value
MioTech China A ESG Index series
The MioTech China A ESG Index Series drives sustainable investing by putting environment, social and governance (ESG) factors at the core of its methodology. The MioTech China ESG Index Series aims to promote ESG top performers while reducing exposures to ESG downside risks.
MioTech China A Index Series
The MioTech China A Index Series seeks to measure the overall performance of China A share equity market, and is designed to reflect the risks and opportunities of China A share listed companies whose stocks meet the characteristics of liquidity and invest-ability.
The MioTech China A Index Series is designed for all market participants, that stocks not in the Stock Connect are not eligible to be included in the index series.
Banking Services
Emissions data disclosures for banks & investment portfolios
Regulatory reporting for green financial institutions
Loan underwriting & Risk management analysis
ESG integration into credit process
Data and technology implementation
Customizing data and technology solutions to business needs and compliance requirements
Portfolio Risk Management and Attribution Analytics
Portfolio risk management system
ESG risk assessment
Enhance ESG stewardship and participation through digital software