Keep it Cool
Literally. Within 1.5˚C
One Earth One Shared
mio gamifies green living by granting points and rewards for sustainable behaviors. After all, each individual, business, and government plays a role in the fight against global warming.
Every small change makes a big impact
Did you know that recycling just one plastic bottle can save the energy equivalent of powering a 60W light bulb for six hours? With achievable goals, badges, and prizes, our app ‘mio’ aims to curb lifestyle choices and to promote greener, cleaner consumer choices. It’s all about educating people on their carbon footprints and encouraging them that little actions enact positive change.
Getting businesses involved
Beyond the consumer level, employee participation from a corporate social responsibility perspective is encouraged to truly stimulate a top-down approach when it comes to carbon emission reduction.
The Butterfly Effect
Climate resilience starts with good intentions → awareness → action. mio gathers the public, businesses, and governments around the world to unite for the planet.
Ride your bike, bring your own coffee cup, or other sustainable tasks to earn mio points.
Trade mio points for green products and services (like a backpack made with recycled denim!), or use them to purchase carbon offsets or plant a tree.
Advocacy (not only in climate change)
mio supports local public welfare projects by partnering and donating to programs dedicated to biodiversity, children’s education, eco protection, and other causes.
Campaigns and events to raise awareness on various social and environmental issues.
Community Engagement
mio connects consumers, businesses, NGOs, and governments on a shared objective and platform.
Different low-carbon partnerships for different audiences.
Corporate Challenges
Businesses can join the fun too! Employees can share and complete sustainable tasks on mio, supporting companies in their CSR efforts.
PaaS model to promote workforce participation in green office, living, and other community building activities.
Mio Carbon Calculator
Track, record and measure your carbon footprint using the app’s built-in calculator.
See the positive impact you make over time as you shift to a lower-emission lifestyle with mio.
Earn and redeem your mio Points today!