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MioTech Makes KPMG’s 2018 China Leading FinTech 50

MioTech2018-12-29Updated at2018-12-29

(Shanghai, Dec 28, 2018) KPMG today announced the list of 2018 Leading FinTech companies in China. MioTech, the leading edge of AI-provider for financial institutions stood out from hundreds of candidates and named one of the Top 50 leading FinTech companies that are at forefront of latest technology, innovative business and improvement in financial efficiency.

This is the third year since KPMG released the list. According to KPMG, all candidates are evaluated by six core factors, including application of the latest technology, data-driven analytics, innovative business models, the ability to address current problems, and improvement in financial efficiency. The judge committee consists of more than 20 experts from both KPMG global and China.

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and NLP are top 3 keywords of this year’s list. MioTech spent years training proprietary NLP engine to understand unstructured data better in a financial context. AMI, MioTech’s virtual data scientist can delve into more than 175,000,000 company profiles and 2,000,000 monthly online narratives. Armed with core technologies like knowledge graph, graph mining and NLP, MioTech helps financial institutions visualize relationships, discover connections, identify market trends, reveal hidden patterns, all of which is presented in an ease-to-use interface.

Full list of KPMG 2018 China Leading Fintech 50,

About MioTech:

MioTech is an artificial intelligence platform that turns data into insights, empowering financial institutions to better make decisions. Our platform studies rich data across various sources around the world, helps you visualise relationships, discover connections, identify market trends, reveal hidden patterns, and present in an ease-to-use interface with a snap of a finger. Founded in 2016, we are backed with Horizons Ventures, ZhenFund, and prestigious individual investors around the world. We are now a team of top-notch employees across 3 cities: Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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