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Turn Data into Stories - Introducing MioTech INSIGHTS

MioTech Insights2018-12-15Updated at2018-12-15

HONG KONG - November 8, 2018 - MioTech, the leading edge of AI-provider for financial institutions, announced today that the company has launched newly revamped MioTech INSIGHTS, harnessing AI to provide insights with an impact, specializing in the discovery of how good data and technology are solving hard problems in the world of finance.

The announcement was made by Jason Tu, Co-Founder and CEO of MioTech during his speech on Digital Media Asia 2018 Conference. He hosted a discussion with Korey Lee, Head of Data at South China Morning Post, on how financial institutions can better harness AI to empower smarter and more insightful decisions.

What impact will the US-China Trade War has on consumer electronics and automaker supply chains? Is China really living through consumption downgrade? Earning or sales, what factor drives tech stock prices? The answers can be found in MioTech INSIGHTS. Leveraging our AI-Brain AMI’s cutting-edge technology in machine learning and natural language processing, we transform vast data assets into visualized graph and meaningful insights, which may previously take financial analysts weeks or even months of research.

MioTech INSIGHTS is powered by AMI, our virtual data scientist, which can delve into more than 175,000,000 company profiles and 2,000,000 monthly online narratives to dynamically identifies industry trends, market leaderships and hidden patterns. MioTech INSIGHTS now provides content like a weekly ranking on top 10 innovative companies in the world, in-depth research reports tapping on market beats, and MioTalk - a group of industry experts and key opinion leaders to share thoughts on data science, technology, finance, and beyond.

“We are living in the age where innovation and data matters a lot. The financial industry has the largest amount of both structured and unstructured data available, and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to harness data and get deep insights.” says Jason, “A lot of companies are still stuck in the past - they just aggregate data. What we offer is the real intelligence and insights for financial decision makers, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. ”

About MioTech:

MioTech is an artificial intelligence platform that turns data into insights, empowering financial institutions to better make decisions. Our platform studies rich data across various sources around the world, helps you visualise relationships, discover connections, identify market trends, reveal hidden patterns, and present in an ease-to-use interface with a snap of a finger. Founded in 2016, we are backed with Horizons Ventures, ZhenFund, and prestigious individual investors around the world. We are now a team of top-notch employees across 3 cities: Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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