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MioTech Launches Market Intelligence Platform AMI at Google Demo Day Asia

Armed with AI, financial institutions can now easily identify opportunities and map out market landscape with just a snap of a finger.

MioTech Financial Technology2018-09-20Updated at2018-09-20

SHANGHAI, CHINA - 20 September, 2018 - MioTech, the artificial intelligence provider for financial institutions, launched its new market intelligence platform AMI during a pitch at Google’s first-ever Demo Day in Asia.

The advanced AI-enabled platform AMI (Advanced Market Intelligence) acts as a virtual data scientist with the power to analyze more than 175,000,000 company profiles and 1,500,000 monthly online narratives. With a snap of a finger, the platform helps you visualise relationships, discover connections, identify market trends, reveal hidden patterns, all of which is presented in an ease-to-use interface.

“Financial data is overwhelming. What we do is to help you find the golden needles in the haystack as you journey through the data in an intuitive and dynamic way,” says Jason Tu, Co-Founder and CEO of MioTech, “The Financial industry will be completely transformed by artificial intelligence.”

Powered by AMI’s AI brain, MioTech also releases market insights regularly that unveil business perspectives on innovation and technology. Its market insights change dynamically and reflect real-time innovation on the world’s leading companies and stock exchanges.

MioTech is the only selected startup from Mainland China to pitch on Google Demo Day Asia. Only 10 finalists have been selected amongst 305 qualified applications received by Google. The applications “came from founders from every corner of Asia-Pacific, across industries as diverse as agriculture, entertainment, and healthcare”, says Michael Kim, Partnerships Manager, Google For Entrepreneurs.

This marks an important milestone for MioTech which has just celebrated its 2-year anniversary last week. From a 5-seater room to now, a team of 40 based in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, MioTech is growing rapidly to provide state-of-the-art technology to financial institutions.

About MioTech

MioTech is an artificial intelligence platform that empowers financial institutions to better manage and draw insights on their data. It is backed by Horizons Ventures, ZhenFund, and prestigious individual investors around the world.

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