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MioTech's Jason Tu speaks at HKGFA (Hong Kong Green Finance Association) annual forum

MioTech2022-09-22Latest Updates2022-09-22

MioTech co-founder and CEO Jason Tu spoke at the third annual meeting of Greater Bay Area Green Finance Alliance (GBA-GFA) and the fourth annual forum of Hong Kong Green Finance Association today (Thursday, Sept 22).

Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, HKGFA aims to integrate the GBA green finance market as well to enhance Hong Kong’s role as an international finance hub. This year’s theme centers around “Integrating Sustainable Finance in GBA and Beyond,” and was well-attended by an estimated 1,000 virtual participants and over 150 physical participants. They included policy makers, regulators, financial institutions, companies and civil society from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asia and beyond.

Among the speakers were Dr, Ma Jun, Chairman of the Green Finance Committee, Paul Chan Mo-Po, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong SAR, Nicolas Aguzin, CEO of Hong Kong Exchange, and Ashley Alder, CEO of Securities and Futures Commission.

In the panel “ESG Data and Technology Innovations,” Jason stressed the importance of having data in helping not only financial institutions and corporations but also individuals. Data is the basic block in understanding ESG impact and technology could enable us to better report and plan for the future. For small and medium enterprises, sustainability data influences daily operations in the context of regulators, banks and customers. Regulators are requiring data for sustainability reporting, banks are requiring data for green financing and customers are requiring data for making the best purchasing decisions.