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Lincoln He: Reliable, High-quality Data is Key to Establishing GBA Climate Fund


The launch of the GBA Climate Funds Research Report on May 17 brought together sustainability leaders from Hong Kong and Mainland China to explore the practical implementation of a climate investment fund for the Greater Bay Area.


🟩 GBA Climate Funds Research Report Launch Seminar

In the ensuing panel discussion, Lincoln He, Product Globalization Lead of MioTech, shared his insights on the challenges facing the scale-up of climate financing.

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🟩Panel: Implementing a Climate Change Investment Fund

Reliable, high-quality data is critical to the successful deployment of a climate investment fund in the GBA region, Lincoln noted, investors need access to accurate, standardized sustainability data to assess risks, measure impact, and make informed decisions that will direct capital towards the most effective climate solutions.

Learn more about the Greater Bay Area Climate Funds Research: Link