MioTech is at the forefront of the exploration about how artificial intelligence can be applied to empower financial institutions to better manage and draw insights on their data.
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Artificial intelligence digests massive amounts of data, makes complex datasets more intuitive, and creates visual stories that users can easily interpret and draw insights from.
With their ability to efficiently manage information, as well as analyze information with AI technology, there is no doubt MioTech will also improve actually on how we can manage our investments and actually find new investments.
— Mike Imam Managing Partner & CEO, Silverhorn

Intelligence that defines winners


MioTech’s INSIGHTS specialises in the discovery of how good data and technology are solving complex problems in the financial world. Harnessing the power of A.I, we provide you with data-driven financial analysis, critical perspectives and breakthroughs in technologies and data science to better inform you on the shifts and inflections that are transforming our world of finance.

Our Ambition
MioTech brings state-of-the-art technology and world-class financial services to Asia, where rich datasets await thorough interpretation. With a team of experts in technology and finance, we envision creating the most innovative, intuitive, insightful and smart solutions that transform the financial environment.