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Differences in Sustainability Disclosure Requirements: Greater China Region
Mainland China: CSRC issues draft standards; Hong Kong: Aiming for higher reporting rates; Taiwan: TWSE Rules on Corporate Social Responsibility Reports
A Snapshot of Hong Kong’s Green Finance Actions
Stress Testing for Climate Risk; Adapting to TCFD Recommendations; Sustainable and Green Exchange
PBoC’s Approach to Assessing Green Finance Amid Carbon Neutrality Goal
Starting this July, China's central bank will consider degree of involvement in green finance when evaluating and rating domestic banks.
Laying the Groundwork for Carbon Neutrality: How the 14th Five-year Plan Sees Climate Change
Involving energy, manufacturing and finance, political support for tackling climate change is at all-time high in China upon the release of the 14th Five-year Plan. Find out how changes will happen and the policies behind them.
The EU Taxonomy and its Effects Beyond Europe
Implementation of EU ESG taxonomy in 2020 will set up clear and defined rules for entire region, which many asset managers in Asia and elsewhere will want to comply with.
Net Zero for Finance: How Disclosure will be under SFDR
FMPs and FAs in the EU are now required to make relevant disclosures if their products promote sustainable characteristics under the SFDR. How should they respond and how far will the EU go in pursuing sustainable finance?