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Chinese NLP 101

In this article, we speak to MioTech's CTO on the fundamentals of Chinese NLP in a financial context, its challenges, its progress and what's in store for this form of artificial intelligence in the near future.

Technology Liu Tao, Co-Founder & CTO, MioTech 2019-05-14

Business Intelligence 101

In this article, we speak to MioTech's Senior Software Engineer on the fundamentals of business intelligence, why it's indispensable for business growth and how it can enable better decision making.

Technology Jiang Gu, Senior Software Engineer in Data Infrastructure 2019-05-01

The Source of all Knowledge

In this Q&A article, MioTech’s Director of Data Infrastructure and Science, Alex Zhou gives us the low-down on the knowledge graph and why they play a huge role in many intelligent systems today.

Technology Alex Zhou, Director of Infra and Science 2019-03-11

My Not So Typical Day as a Front-End Engineer

Delighting financial institutions by making the best software he can imagine, Colloque Tsui, MioTech’s senior front-end engineer in charge of stability, performance and visual quality.

Technology Colloque Tsui, Sr. Software Engineer in Front-end 2019-02-24

My Not So Typical Day as a Software Engineer

At a FinTech/AI company like MioTech, (especially since Tech is the second half of our company name), having a good software engineer is as good as gold. Almost 80% of our company is made up of engineers.

Technology Yishu Fang, Head of Applications 2019-01-31

Financial Time-Series Predictions and AI Models (Part 1): Deep Learning - or not?

In this article, MioTech invites E. Schoeneburg, an AI Pioneer, AI Visionary and Alternative AI Leader to talk about Deep Learning. He tries to give an objective assessment and judgement about the use, advantages/disadvantages of the various AI models.

Technology Eberhard Schoeneburg, AI Pioneer, AI Visionary, Alternative AI Leader 2018-11-04