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Making Hong Kong a tech hub would give boost to despairing youth

Creation of China's Silicon Valley requires cultural shift from financial focus

MioTalkJason Tu, Cofounder & CEO of MioTech2019-10-18

One Day Without Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong’s aviation sector is expected to suffer losses of more than US$76.48 million caused by massive flight cancellations due to the recent protests that saw Hong Kong’s airport under siege. MioTech looks into the deep impacts this will have on Hong Kong’s world-renowned aviation hub.

Market BeatsJiang Gu, Senior Software Engineer in Data Infrastructure2019-08-20

UBS: Sustainable Investing to Become Core Investing Component

In this article, MioTech speaks with Mario Knoepfel, Head Sustainable & Impact Investing Advisory, Investment Platforms and Solutions, Asia Pacific at UBS Wealth Management on the growing trend of sustainable investing in Asia and his belief that it can bring equal to better investment performance over time.

MioTalkMario Knoepfel2019-08-12

Why ESG Matters When it Comes to Investing

In this article, we speak to Juliette Macresy, Head of Vigeo Eiris’ Greater China and South East Asian markets, on the growing trend of sustainable investing in Asia and why "not being sustainable is a direct threat for a given corporation".

MioTalkJuliette Macresy2019-08-01

Connecting Big Data Providers with Data Intelligence Seekers

In this article, we speak to Erez Katz about his entrepreneurial journey with Lucena Research and how the company's technological edge is bridging the gap between data and actionable insights for the finance industry.

Market BeatsErez Katz, CEO and Co-Founder, Lucena Research2019-06-03

Facebook for Finance

In this article, we speak to Divya Narendra, the co-founder of the then Harvard Connection, the precursor to Facebook, on his venture, SumZero, which incidentally has been dubbed the social network for financial research.

MioTalkDivya Narendra, Co-Founder & CEO, SumZero2019-05-07

Machine Learning’s Worst Enemy

In this article, we speak to Alberto Todeschini, Faculty Director of Artificial Intelligence at the University of California, Berkeley to shed light on “Adversarial Machine Learning”. Find out how vulnerable models are to being fooled and what you need to look out for.

MioTalkAlberto Todeschini, Faculty Director, Artificial Intelligence, University of California, Berkeley2019-04-25

AI Determining Credit Where It's Due

The Rise of Big Data and AI-powered Credit Scoring in China and How it Drives Consumer Credit Growth

MioTalkTracey Xiang2019-04-10

It’s a bird... It’s a plane... It’s satellites!

In this report, we speak to Tom Diamond, President and Co-Founder of RS Metrics, on the rise of satellite imagery data, the promise of alpha from geospatial analytics, and the financial possibilities for business and investors with a bird’s eye view.

MioTalkTom Diamond2019-04-03

Stop Building Start-up Castles in the Sand

In this article, we speak to Benjamin Quinlan, CEO of Quinlan & Associates on the pros, cons and essentials when it comes to strategy, especially as a startup.

MioTalkBenjamin Quinlan2019-03-27

How Data is Changing the Real Estate Game

In this article, MioTech speaks with Real Estate Foresight to find out how their startup is making the unpredictable nature of China's property market, predictable with data analysis.

MioTalkRobert Ciemniak2019-03-21

Hey Big Spender: China Leads 2018 Global Equity Financing in FinTech

In this article, we dive into the ninefold increase of investment deals that took place in 2018 in China. With the Mainland accounting for 46% of the total global investments, or US$25.5 billion, which fintech startups clinched these big ticket investments?

MioTalkTracey Xiang2019-03-13

The Mathematics In English

In this article, we speak to Evan Schnidman, CEO of Prattle about his startup, NLP and the adoption of technology in the finance sector in the U.S.

MioTalkEvan Schnidman, CEO of Prattle 2019-02-21

How FinTech is Transforming China’s Asset Management Market

In China, an overwhelming majority of retail funds are now sold online. Led by tech companies, the technological developments in China’s financial asset management sector have democratized the access to retail investment products and are driving digitalization, automation and intelligent -ization of the incumbents.

MioTalk Tracey Xiang2019-02-14

Tech, the Battleground of the Sino-U.S Trade War

Escalating tensions between the world’s two superpowers may seem like it’s about trade, but upon closer look, the race for technological supremacy is what’s at the heart of this war.

MioTalkMioTech Team2019-01-21

The Rise of China’s Big Data-based Online Small Business Lending Market

China has established a big data-based, highly automated online lending infrastructure for small businesses to get loans based largely on their online business data. Led by data rich tech companies, the online business lending model they’ve built is highly scalable, efficient and cost saving.

MioTalkTracey Xiang2019-01-16

How FinTech Won over the Emerging Affluent in China

Not only have Chinese internet platforms become major distributors and marketing channels for traditional retail investment products, the revolutionary internet-only investment products and services they’ve introduced are also highly popular. Their convenient online offerings are especially welcomed by the affluent young Chinese.

MioTalkTracey Xiang2019-01-03

ML, ML on the wall, will this merger be successful after all?

In this article, MioTech speaks with Dr. Matthias Buehlmaier, Program Director of HKU’s Bachelor of Business Administration (IBGM), on his award-winning research paper on whether the media can predict the success of corporate acquisitions and mergers using machine learning.

MioTalkDr. Matthias Buehlmaier, Program Director of HKU’s Bachelor of Business Administration (IBGM)2018-12-18

MioTalk X Korey Lee: Building a Culture Around Data

In this article, MioTech speaks with Korey Lee, Head of Data at SCMP on the effective ways on building a strong data culture from scratch.

MioTalkKorey Lee, Head of Data, South China Morning Post2018-12-10

Deep Learning: Are we Far From Shallow Now?

In this article, MioTech speaks with Larry Cao, Director of Industry Research at CFA Institute on the problems and the promises of Deep Learning applications in the investment sector.

MioTalkLarry Cao, Director of Industry Research at CFA Institute 2018-12-03

MioTalk X Joanna Bryson: The Dangers of Biased Bots

In this article, MioTech speaks with leading AI specialist, Joanna Bryson on how machines can reflect the biases that humans inherently possess and the detrimental impacts it can have on society.

MioTalkJoanna Bryson, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Bath2018-11-25

MioTalk X Steven White: The Rise of the Chinese Wolves of FinTech

In this article, MioTech speaks with Professor Steven White at Tsinghua University on the drivers behind Mainland China leapfrogging developed markets to become a global FinTech innovator.

MioTalkSteven White, Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University2018-11-11

MioTalk x Seth Huang: Top 5 ways A.I is disrupting the investment sector

In this Q&A article, MioTech speaks with Dr. Seth Huang, Associate Professor in Finance at HKUST who expounds on different learning models, their benefits, pitfalls and where he foresees the technology will be able to take the sector.

MioTalkSeth Huang, Associate Professor in Finance, HKUST 2018-10-29

MioTalk x Jason Tu: AI is not only a disruptor, but also an enabler

MioTech, CEO, Jianyu Tu (Jason) sat down with HKIBC’s Isabel Wong to discuss artificial intelligence, fintech, cybersecurity, innovation and much more.

MioTalkMioTech Team2018-10-24