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Big data-driven Business Credit Evaluation in China

China’s relatively young business credit reporting industry is embracing approaches driven by big data and artificial intelligence. And some efficient credit risk evaluation and new risk management systems developed have been widely adopted by China’s fast-growing and innovative online business credit industry.

Market BeatsTracey Xiang2019-10-15

Open Banking Development Drives Data-sharing in China

Open banking is the latest fintech trend in China. Led by the newly emerged digital-only private banks, the trend is also expected to bridge the data gap between conventional banks and digital tech companies.

Market BeatsTracey Xiang2019-09-16

MioTech’s ESG Risk Analysis

Introducing our latest ESG Risk Analysis feature within AMI, our advance market intelligence solution. Find out more about how MioTech is helping investors benchmark companies, assess ESG risk exposure and monitor ESG related risk trends.

Market BeatsCara Liu, Product Manager2019-08-27

China’s Equity Investment Market Seeing a Rise in Demand for ESG Data

The availability of increasing digital data and technological advances are providing the investor community with much needed access to non-traditional data about Chinese companies. Chinese fund managers have started exploring using alternative data and data services to manage specific risks or create ESG investment strategies.

Market BeatsTracey Xiang2019-08-09

Where NLP Derived Intention Determines Outcome

In this article, MioTech speaks with Jeff Caitlin, CEO of Lexalytics, who shares on how their NLP capabilities are being utilized to measure and predict intent and for sentiment analysis in various sector.

Market BeatsJeff Caitlin2019-07-22

ESG Data and Evaluation Set to Take off in China

The surge of sustainable finance in China has spurred demand for ESG data and analysis services. The lack of ESG data has encouraged the application of AI techniques to expand ESG data sources, automate the evaluation process or improve risk-monitoring capabilities.

Market BeatsTracey Xiang2019-07-15

Fano Labs: Multilingual ASR and NLP

In this article, we speak to Albert Lam, Chief Scientist and Acting CTO at Fano Labs on their expertise in Multilingual Speech Recognition and NLP technologies and how it’s being employed in the finance sector.

Market BeatsAlbert Lam2019-07-11

How will China’s Data Protection Regulations Impact Fintech

China has released a series of regulations and national standards in the use and protection of data that will pose considerable compliance challenges to smaller local fintechs who are increasingly dependent on digital data.

Market BeatsTracey Xiang2019-06-21

The U.S. has Eyes on Chinese Surveillance Companies

In this article, we look into the ramifications of an impending ban will have on the supply chains of two of the world’s biggest security surveillance firms from China.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2019-05-31

Huawei's Shackles on its Supply Chain

In this article, we look into the hard times the Chinese smartphone giant has fallen into, analyze its entire supply chain, to find out if Huawei’s able to hold it together amidst this hellish trade-war.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2019-05-27

How Can Remote Sensing Data and AI Help Financial Services

In China, AI solutions based on remote sensing data are being tailored for the finance industry on investment research and decision-making.

Market BeatsTracey Xiang2019-05-22

Who Seeks to Gain from Avengers: Endgame?

With the world waiting on the stroke of midnight for blockbuster hit, Avengers: Endgame to drop, MioTech looks into writing a review into the financial impact it would have on the box office, Disney’s stock and other major related players in cinema.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2019-04-23

Unicorn IPOs: Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

In this report, we deep dive into eye-catching publicly tradable securities, unicorns. With greatly anticipated startups like Slack, Airbnb, Pinterest and WeWork stirring rumors of going public in 2019, we investigate if past unicorns can extend pass their success post-IPO.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2019-04-16

China to Tax Its Way into Economic Growth

In this report, we look into China’s upcoming VAT reforms and find out which sectors look to gain and which are poised to lose in the country’s bid to boost economic growth.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2019-03-20

A-Share Market: Just a Rebound or the Real Deal?

In this report, we look into the recent rebound in the A-Share market and compare it with historical A-share rallies to find out if this rebound is just a fling or a longer term trend.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2019-03-06

The Beauty in the Eyes of Foreign Capital Beholders

In this report, we investigate A-share investment opportunities amid the opening of the Chinese financial market.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2019-02-26

The huffs and puffs, that might blow China’s economic pillars in the year of the pig

In this op-ed, we investigate the 3 major blows China’s economy faced in the year of the dog and how the year of the pig is likely to unfold. Download a free report that assess several Chinese economic indicators over the past year to provide insights into potential investment opportunities in 2019.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2019-02-10

Is there money to make if the PBOC loosens monetary policy?

In this report, we utilize AMI’s Event Driven Analysis tool to assess the historical impact of cuts to RRR in relation to the stock market.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2019-01-23

MioAdvisor Review on IPO Destination

In this report, we study prominent stock exchanges on listing rules, stock performances and capital raised to help you decide if location matters when investing in IPOs.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2018-12-26

The Not So Green Grass of China Homes

This report investigates the relationship between Chinese developers and its creditors, in order to provide information to investors as to which banks they should pay extra attention to.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2018-12-17

Tech Stock: To Buy or Not to Buy?

This report investigates the factors that drive tech stock prices and if investors look to growth in earnings or sales when evaluating a tech company.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2018-12-04

Does a Stronger Green Back Mean Deeper Red for Emerging Markets?

This report looks to investigate the economic health of emerging markets by assessing macroeconomic fundamentals, especially during a time of quantitative tightening in the States.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2018-11-22

Who Invests Better: A.I or Human

This reports looks to investigate whether artificial intelligence or flesh and blood humans make better investment decisions in a market turmoil.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2018-11-14

Time’s Up for Tech Giants to Avoid Higher Taxes

This report scrutinizes current tax structures and expounds on the impacts digital tax reforms will have on the technology sector.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2018-11-06

Is China Looking To Live on Less?

This report takes a deep dive into the hotly debated “consumption downgrade” to find out if the Chinese are truly cutting back on costs.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2018-10-31

Breaking the Chains

This report dives into the exposure consumer electronic and automaker supply chains have in the midst of an escalating U.S. - China Trade War.

Market BeatsMioTech Team2018-10-25