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Covid-19 Impact on China A-Shares’ Supply Chains

ESG Trends Jason Tu, Cara Liu, Maya Li, MioTech ESG Research Team 2020-02-28

China’s lending sector under pressure due to crackdown on data crawling

A recent crackdown on predatory lending and illegal data use practices has shown the extent to which smaller lenders rely on the credit risk management services based on alternative data.

Market Beats MioTech Team 2020-01-22

China's Green Bond Market Expands Steadily

China has become a key player in the world’s green bond market. The differences between the domestic standards and the international ones and the lack of reliable information from traditional channels have boosted the demand for alternative data sources.

ESG Trends Tracey Xiang 2019-12-18

Behind the Heftiest Fine in History: an ESG Risk Study of JAC Motor

In this article, MioTech examines the impacts of ESG on the industry, with a deep dive into the impacts environmental penalties plays on automakers financially.

ESG Trends MioTech Team 2019-11-22

Alternative Data are increasingly used to Assess ESG Performance and Risks of Chinese Companies

The rapidly growing demand for ESG information of Chinese companies and data analytics services is being met by a rising wave of alternative data services assisted by artificial intelligence technologies.

ESG Trends Tracey Xiang 2019-11-21

China’s Equity Investment Market Seeing a Rise in Demand for ESG Data

The availability of increasing digital data and technological advances are providing the investor community with much needed access to non-traditional data about Chinese companies. Chinese fund managers have started exploring using alternative data and data services to manage specific risks or create ESG investment strategies.

ESG Trends Tracey Xiang 2019-11-21

ESG Data and Evaluation Set to Take off in China

The surge of sustainable finance in China has spurred demand for ESG data and analysis services. The lack of ESG data has encouraged the application of AI techniques to expand ESG data sources, automate the evaluation process or improve risk-monitoring capabilities.

ESG Trends Tracey Xiang 2019-11-21

MioTech’s ESG Risk Analysis

Introducing our latest ESG Risk Analysis feature within AMI, our advance market intelligence solution. Find out more about how MioTech is helping investors benchmark companies, assess ESG risk exposure and monitor ESG related risk trends.

ESG Trends Cara Liu, Product Manager 2019-08-27