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Financial Data
Cutting-edge Artifical Intelligence Technology
MioTech is the first Asian company to leverage artifical intelligence to process massive ESG data, with advanced Name Entity Recognition and Topic Modeling to extract insightful information from enormous unstructured data.
Extensive Coverage
MioTech's data covers over 1,000,000 Chinese companies, providing real-time financial data, which includes regional macro-economics, supply chain , and bond etc.
Actionable insights
Applying proprietary Knowledge Graph to corporate data, MioTech offers to analyze from multiple angles a company's own risks, as well as those of its shareholdings and supply chain.
ESG Data & Ratings
Regional Macro
Industry Data
Bond Data
Rich ESG Data Points
ESG Data
MioTech's ESG Framework
MioTech has adopted more than 1,000 ESG data points in its ESG Framework, which is continously updated and refined to align with mainstream sustainable development frameworks, and latest regulatory policies and trends as well.
Corporate Disclosed Data
We extract data from corporate disclosures, including annual reports, ESG reports, articles of incorporation, announcements of board meetings, etc. The data are processed to align with the qualitative and quantitative indicators in MioTech ESG Framework.
Environmental Management
Climate Change
Labour Management
Supply Chain Management
Business Ethics
Risk Management
Water Pollution
Pollutants and Waste
Employee Engagement & Diversiy
Community Impact
Corporate Governance
Alternative data
We obtain high-frequency and reliable alternative data from public data sources including government websites, regulators, non-profit organizations, academic organizations, news websites and social medias, etc. With our KnowledgeGraph, we can easily identify ESG risks and monitor controversial events faced by companies.
Environmental Penalties
Water Stress Risk
Excessive Discharge of Pollutants
Disclosure Violation
Administrative Penalty
Product Recalls
Product Safety & Quality
Taxation Violation
Negative Events of Executives
Comprehensive and Objective Evaluation of Corporate ESG Performance
ESG Ratings
MioTech's ESG Rating
Based on high-frequency and enormous ESG data, MioTech ESG Ratings are designed to help investors identify companies with exceptional prospects with regard to sustainability. MioTech has 12 different ratings varying from AAA (highest) to D (lowest) for each company based on its exposure to ESG risks, management practices and actual performance. MioTech ESG Rating reflects a company’s potential for sustainable development and its capabilities to cope with ESG risks.
Ratings coverage
MioTech ESG Ratings cover all public companies in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, updated at the end of every quarter.
Materiality Analysis
A company's type of business, geographical location and regulatory environment are taken into consideration to define a suitable series of indicators of risk exposure and the weight of each indicator to enable more objective evaluation of the company's ESG performance and rating.
Customized Ratings
MioTech provides on-demand ESG ratings that meet clients' needs, based on its strong expertise, comprehensive datasets and robust data development capabilities,