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Comprehensive ESG Coverage
Full coverage of over 1,000,000 private and public Chinese companies. Aggregate all ESG data points into one platform with exclusive access to both public resources and alternative datasets.
Reliable ESG Database
A wealth of 400+ ESG data points. Include reliable ESG data cleansed from unstructured data sources such as from governments, regulators, NGOs and a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Report database.
Real-time Monitoring of ESG Risks
Digest ESG news with 50+ tags generated by our advanced Entity Recognition and Topic Extraction algorithms. Leverage AI algorithms to detect hidden vulnerabilities with real-time news, social media, and data updates.
Integrated ESG data with Supply Chain Network
Collect up to 5-year history of suppliers and customers’ detailed information. Explore comprehensive relationship data derived not only from companies’ direct disclosure but also reversed relationships disclosed by counterparty companies.
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