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ESG & Alternative risks
Wealth Solutions
Algorithm Engineer in Data
Type Full Time
Salaries Negotiable
Education Bachelor's or above
Location Hong Kong
  • Degree or M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science or related technical field.
  • Solid understanding and working knowledge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  • Experienced in Python Programming with Data Processing Packages like Pandas, Numpy, etc. and Data Analytics Packages like Scipy, sklearn, etc.
  • Experience in Big Data Computing Frameworks like Spark/Hadoop is a plus.
  • Experience in NLP Research and familiar with common NLP tasks like keyword extraction, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition is a huge plus.
  • Research - participate in the construction of our cutting-edge AI platform and research on applying machine learning techniques for financial industry. Some of the projects include search engine, topic modeling, sentiment analysis, etc.
  • Engineering – design, implement and deploy deep learning models in big data platform and tune performance for large scale of data.