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Carbon & Energy
Management System
Leveraging Intelligent Data Acquisition, Data Mining and AI advanced algorithm, MioTech helps clients Effectively, Transparently and Reliably manage carbon footprint and energy consumption. With the establishment of a credible third-party carbon footprint disclosure platform, MioTech will support enterprise users to better improve brand image and conduct market value management.
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Carbon & Energy Management System
driven by Big Data & AI
Support Market Value Management
Improve brand image
Facilitate Green financing
Drive digitalization transformation
Enable transparent & tracible data disclosure
Understand industrial insight, best practice and ranking
Effective energy waste identification
AI Intelligent carbon and energy analysis
Reliable carbon footprint and energy data tracing
Build carbon & energy management capability
Multiple Real-time data sources enable transparent and efficient Carbon & Energy Management
Comprehensive functions support user to fully understand
emission status and achieve net-zero ambition
MioTech Provides End-to-End
services to Enterprise Users
Carbon & Energy Management System
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